Uma Thurman in Another Weird Bikini

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bill-swift - June 12, 2007

So, here's something I've noticed when it comes to Uma Thurman bikini pictures: Uma Thurman has strange taste in swimwear. Whether it's a super low-cut one piece, or a bikini that has Uma's breasts nearly falling out, she definitely knows how to make a statement.

And this suit is much the same. Sure, Uma's boobs are firmly tucked away, but what's with the granny-style bottoms? I think it's supposed to be like a quasi-one-piece, but what it really looks like is that her ass starts at the top of her legs, and ends half-way up her back.

Thankfully, Uma is still fit as all hell, so she can pull it off. And speaking of pulling it off, that would be a nice start.

And for all you stickler's out there, these pictures were supposedly taken back in January, but I never seem 'em before, and I bet you ain't neither. Lots more Uma Thurman bikini pictures after the jump.