Tyra Banks Makes Danielle Herrington’s S.I. Cover About Her

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Sam Robeson - February 13, 2018

Danielle Herrington is the third black model ever to cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which is a damn shame considering Chrissy Teigen graced the cover in 2014. Wasn't there anyone else in the world? I mean Oprah would have at least garnered onlookers worried about the giant beached whale. Who's giving them... a car? Anyway the folks at S.I. aren't scraping the bottom of the barrel this year, and Danielle Herrington does everything that one is supposed to do in posing for a magazine that will be nostalgically splooged on by seventy-year-old men hoping to stomp out this Internet craze by purchasing a physical copy of something.

Herrington's time in the spotlight recently included an interview on Good Morning America in front of what look to be high school girls, and I really hope they got the message that if they have good tits and asses they should definitely show them off for money. Time's Up... on keeping your clothes on ladies! Herrington stated that she was inspired by a former black Sports Illustrated cover model, Tyra Banks, which seems inevitable - or at least a 50/50 chance - considering there were only two before Herrington. Banks heard her name and immediately took a moment from feasting on the flesh of a sacrificial runway model to chime in on Herrington's cover:

Hi Danielle. Do you really understand what's going down right now? Do you really understand how your life is going to change? So many little girls are looking at you and saying, 'Oh my gosh, that could be me one day.'

There are so many people telling little girls that look like us that we're not good enough and that we can't achieve our goals, but by them looking at me back in the day and them looking at you now, you are the living embodiment to say that dreams do come true.

"Look like us?" Tyra. You're 100 and I just saw your wig in the parking lot. And yes little girls, if you have a pretty face and nice tits and a nice ass you can have people masturbate to you. And that's something that, no matter what our ethnicity, we can all be proud of.


Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated, Good Morning America