Tuetonic Shoutout: Natalia Avelon Brings the Heat in GQ Germany

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bill-swift - April 23, 2011

On this Earth Day, when the bee watch watchers are fretting about ozone layers and unfrozen polar bears, we salute the planet of hotties, sextastic celebrity from all corners of this spinning globe, including, today, Germany. We love our German fans. We hear from you often and you really don't get enough love. So, today, we salute you, but, you know, really the hotness among you, specifically, German veteran actress and singer, Natalia Avelon, appearing sultry and seductive in this month's GQ Germany. Okay, technically, Natalia may be Polish born, but smartly adopted by the wise people of the Rhineland early in her years. Nice acquisition. Genie├čen.