Trio of Viral Websites Let You Step Into the World of ‘Dredd’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 26, 2012

The future doesn't look too bright, especially for Mega City One. It's overrun by addicts and criminals running wild in the streets--but that's what the 'Judges' are there for. They serve as the judge, jury, and executioner of those who break the city's laws, with Judge Dredd being the toughest and most well-known of them all.

Karl Urban steps into the shoes of the iconic Judge in Dredd 3D, and he shows no mercy, especially to the Slo Mo huffing youngsters of Mega City. Given all this chaos, I doubt you'd ever want America to go down this dirty, dirty road.

But you can get a taste of what that kind of future would feel like with this newly-released trio of viral websites from Dredd HQ. First up is Say No to Slo Mo, which redirects to the public service announcement you can check out in the player above. It's basically telling everyone in Mega City One to stay away from Slo Mo.

Then there's The Dredd Report, which is fashioned after The Drudge Report, and The Peach Tree News. The Dredd Report actually takes current news pieces and dresses them up with a brand-spankin' new Dredd-related headline. For example, 'Psi-Judge Fyy Caught Smoking Cigarette in Mega-City One' actually links to an article reporting how Miley Cyrusgot caught smoking a cigarette in Philly. Meanwhile, The Peach Tree features news on the 200-story building that gets overrun by the movie's villainess, Ma-Ma Madrigal (as portrayed by Lena Headey.)

Dredd 3D explodes on the big screen on September 21st.