TreadWall Lets You Do Some Up-the-Wall Cardio, Spiderman-Style

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bill-swift - September 30, 2012

Channel your inner Spider-Man with the TreadWall. The name of this weird exercise machine is a play on its treadmill origins, except it's meant to be used by people who're interested in scaling walls and not great distances.

It's basically a wall that'll keep moving so you'll be able to climb uncharted heights continuously. It's pretty cool in the sense that you won't really need to go to the gym to do some wall climbing, because you can now do it in the comforts (or limits?) of you very own home. It's only four feet wide, too, so you really won't need to clear out that much space to fit this in.

If you're serious about climbing and already spend a fortune scaling the walls at your gym, then maybe you could invest on the TreadWall instead. It comes in a bunch of different varieties, with the TreadWall Kore being the most hardcore of them all. It costs about $5,500 (and upwards) and it might seem pretty steep now, but it might just turn you into the champion climber that you've always wanted to become.

Check their siteout for more info!

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