Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner’s Kid Won’t Be Allowed To Do This One Thing

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Sam Robeson - December 21, 2018


Kylie Jenner's dildo Travis Scott covers the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, and the interview is a great way to learn about someone who in real life you wouldn't sit next to on public transit. Travis Scott is a rapper or whatever, but his biggest claim to fame is planting a flesh turd in Kylie Jenner's toilet bowl. Thus Stormi was born. But don't think for a second that she's going to receive special treatment just because her parents are so fancy. In fact, Scott had this to say in Rolling Stone about raising his daughter:

Today kids are on iPads. There’s so much technology, they don’t play outside anymore. That’s what Astroworld Festival was about. Ni**as don’t come outside. That’s why, with Stormi — no TV. That TV shit is out.

If it wasn't for his wife's series Keeping Up With The Prostitutes, all the Jenndashians would just be random Los Angeles sex workers. Travis should respect the TV. And Stormi should learn to love it, especially since she's already been on it - Stormi made her KUWTP debut this September. Basically, this interview tells us that there's a good chance that Scott hasn't even met his daughter, because if he had, he'd know that watching TV is going to be the least of her problems. She'll be outside alright. That is where street corners are located.


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