Trainspotting 2 Is On Its Way

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michael-garcia - May 16, 2016

In pretty much any top ten list of the best movies of the 90's, Trainspotting would surely be near the top. The movie about some junkie buddies living in Scotland is funny, tragic, weird, and totally original. For 20 years there has been talk of a sequel but it's never happened...until now. MacGregor and the boys are all coming back with Danny Boyle at the helm for Trainspotting 2. What's interesting about the teaser above is that it's all images from the original movie. That's because the new film begins shooting today. That means that we've come to a point in filmmaking where we release trailers for movies that haven't even been shot. Productions fall through all the time and then you are left looking like an idiot. 

Still, it's a nice video that whets our appetites and reminds us why we love the first movie so much. 

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