Tracy McGrady Drills Guy With Elbow, Guy Probably Deserved It

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michael-garcia - December 11, 2012

Former NBA superstar Tracy McGrady took his fading talents to the Chinese Basketball Association this season since nobody in the U.S. wanted to give him a job. No shame in it at all, because the talent level is constantly getting better all over the world, and if someone wants to pay you, you play.

In a recent game though, an opponent of McGrady's got a little carried away with his trash talking. Actually I'm not sure if he said anything, but a player on the other team knocked down a three that was contested by McGrady. Shots like that happen all the time, but apparently this guy thought he did something spectacular, so he waved his finger in McGrady's face like he was DikembeMutombo blocking a shot for some reason. T-Mac obviously didn't like it and nearly pierced the guy's chest/shoulder with a hard elbow. Overreaction? Probably. Understandable? Yep.

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