Tracee Ellis Ross Sexy Sports Bra in Hollywood

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aldo-vallon - September 15, 2017

 Those sunglasses look very similar to the ones The Dude wore in The Big Lebowski. I do not like recognizing stuff like that because it makes me want to spend money I do not have on things I do not need. And do I need to have exact replicas of The Dude's glasses? No, but I did not need an exact replica of his rug either and now I have a retirement investment I did not even plan for. Some things have a way of working themselves out, like cancer or expired milk. I let the milk sit in the fridge for weeks after it has gone bad and eventually it will disappear. It is one of those natural phenomenons and it happens in my very home. I should probably let my roommate know about it. Maybe we could start charging admission to people who want to see it. If people can do that when the image of the Virgin Mary shows up in a water stain then I see no reason why I cannot do the same. Back in the day, they called that type of drive entrepreneurship and it was rewarded.


Photo Credit: Backgrid