Tove Lo Skin Tight Leotard and Side Peeks For Jingle Ball In Tampa

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bill-swift - December 22, 2015

The Jingle Ball tour isn't going anywhere so craptastic music is safe for another holiday season. The good news being the amount of heavenly skin the little divas on the radio station tour around the country in December provide for all the brothers, dads, uncles, and general prurient peekers who make their way into the shows to play chaperone or I spy on the likes of petite sweeties the likes of Tove Lo who was showing off more than an ounce of side leers at her chesty peaches in a skin tight leotard.

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Music artists used to be arrested in the Florida panhandle for being too raunchy or explicit on stage in body or lyrics, now it's no holds or hotness barred, even for shows aimed at tweeny boppers. I call this progress. The music isn't any better, the visuals are tingle inducing. Hence, my pronouncement. We've seen more from Tove Lo on stage in the past, but iHeart isn't a corporate giant without it's understanding of the advertising market. So Tove's top stayed on. Enjoy.

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