Total Knockout AJ Michalka Is Blonde and Beautiful

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aldo-vallon - April 15, 2018

Who is AJ Michalka, you ask? Well I didn’t know either, but I wanted to learn.

As it turns out, AJ is exactly one-half of the musical duo Aly and AJ. Don’t know who they are? Well if you were a teenage girl in the mid-2000’s then you can bet your bottom dollar that you would. They were the it girls for approximately three months, and now it seems like the ghost of pop music past has returned to pay us a visit.

I must say, it does look like AJ has been taking good care of herself. There are no missing teeth or meth scabs that I can see, so I think she has retained her place at the front of the herd. That may not sound like very high standards to pass, but when your competition takes place amongst the gauntlet that is the post-Disney arena then it is like achieving EGAT status.

Seeing a woman handle a guitar with the prowess of a cat slapping a fish out of the water makes me get all wowzers in my trousers. It isn’t hard to imagine the neck of that guitar being a certain part of body, and I’m not referring to my hand.


Photo Credit: Instagram