Topless Kendall Can Do Without A Bra

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elliot-wolf - August 2, 2017

Women complain about gender inequality, then Kendall Jenner gets to take the tatas out and model her pearl for her new La Perla Underwear Ad. Nothing but support and another avenue of revenue. Justin Bieber models Calvin Klein underwear and gets photoshop accusations. Stop shaming. Let Beiber show his vagina. No one judged Jenner's genitalia. We know she has an overactive muff to match her overactive imagination about her self-worth. Advertisements are getting artsier, and art is figurative and mostly abstract by nature. That means the oversized flowers in the backdrop are meant to represent the oversized measurements of her vagina. Bold underwear for small framed women with wide set love loins. I think I'm started to get the picture. 

The 21-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and model poses topless in a bright red lace La Perla "Freedom Panty" thong amid a backdrop of giant flowers in a sexy photo for the lingerie and apparel brand's pre-fall 2017 campaign. She covers her chest and stares seductively at the camera while showcasing her trademark pout in red lipstick that matches her underwear.

Listen Kendall, I know you're famous for doing nothing and I'm just a Joe Schmoe, but I think I have a line on your next business proposition. Take that red ass floss underwear off and collaborate with Oral B to make real floss from the worn garments. Guaranteed sell out overseas. Tell your mom.

Photo Credit: La Perla 

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