Toochi Kash Brings Along Her Boobs to Crazy Horse 3 in Vegas

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Mitch Jablonski - May 7, 2019

Toochi Kash, aka Italia Kash, is a self-proclaimed nudist, though she doesn't seem to live in a nudist colony. She disappointingly had to put on clothes and pasties, however, for a body positivity event at Las Vegas' Crazy Horse 3. I mean, they probably told her that if she was going to insist on flashing her tits for the cameras, she was going to have to wear pasties. To a strip club. In Las Vegas.

I know, it's wildly hypocritical, but it's also the way the world works nowadays. Can't do or say anything that might possibly be construed as offensive, lest you run the risk of having your name sullied all across the internet. Toochi Kash doesn't want to run that risk, so she did what society said was polite and put on some pasties in a last ditch attempt to think of the children.

I think it's safe to say that Toochi Kash is just a permanently NSFW kind of woman. No matter where she goes and no matter what she does, it's probably only fit for adult consumption. So stop with the pasties and the standing on ceremony, this is a moment to allow Toochi Kash to let her freak flag fly... or at least her fun bags!

Photos courtesy of MEGA