Tony Hawk is sleeping with his best friends wife

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editor - February 9, 2011

Most people have never heard anyone say anything bad about Tony Hawk, and there's plenty of good reasons for that, but you probably will after today.

First let's preface this by mentioning that Hawk is getting divorced for the third time. He first got married in 1990, then divorced her to marry the nanny, then divorced the nanny to marry his publicist. Well now he's divorcing the publicist, and he's doing that, according to a source, because he's having yet another affair. This time with a woman who is also married, to someone named Matt Goodman. And who is Matt Goodman? 1998 ... longtime Del Mar Skate Ranch skateboarding buddy Tony Hawk asked Goodman to start a production company with him. Together, they launched 900 Films, delivering over 30 hours of original content for ESPN.

So yeah Tony Hawk and Matt Goodman are lifelong friends and business partners. Oh and their kids are also best friends. Which is convenient because now they can live together. So this will be like the Brady Bunch, except with a drunk guy banging on the door every Christmas saying how those are his kids and this is bullshit.

(NOTE: this is a TYLER EXCLUSIVE, btw, and in the future I really need to find some way of saying that without feeling like such a bloggery jackass.)

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