Tommy Lee To Tie Knot With Woman Almost Half His Age

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elliot-wolf - February 16, 2018

Tommy Lee will probably finally be tamed this time as Cialis and vagina 24 years your junior is a combination to keep most 55-year-old men inside the house. The Mötley Crüe member is setting himself up to get married to Brittany Furlan. The mile high quick bang and blowie in the plane bathroom girl from a few months ago if you recall. Lee has been linked to hooking up with high profile names like Naomi Campbell, Pink, Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson, Pamela Anderson, and a ton more. I’d add Tara Reid to that list but I said high profile. Now the man that has slept with the woman you once had a poster of on your wall as a kid is marrying an internet comedian from the failed six-second video app Vine. I wonder if this marriage even has a shot at lasting half as long.

Tommy gives me a real sense of hope with this relationship. It shows that elderly celebrities are looking for love on the internet from the non-elite. Maybe Britney Spears looks at all the bad things I say about her online and blushes. I always wanted to give her a second helping of that Kevin Federline kind of love. A lot of leeching that leaves her life in an unrepairable mess.

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