Tomb Raider Opens Up the Adventure with Multiplayer Walkthrough (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 18, 2013

You thought you were just going to navigate jungle hideouts, kill dear and limp around swamps with Lara Croft all by yourself in Tomb Raider? You get to do that, a lot more and get online with some buddies in the game's intriguing multiplayer component. Proving that there's no reason to waste a good bow-and-arrow mechanic, the folks behind Tomb Raider want you to develop those skills using Lara and then put them to good use against other human-controlled characters when you hop online and do battle. Switching to a male character to do it might be a little distracting but you'll get over it.

Check out the multiplayer walkthrough video above and see if you can figure out how this thing is going to go.

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