Tom Selleck Cannot Be Stopped

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esteban-esposito - July 13, 2015

The municipal water company in Thousand Oaks California sued Tom Selleck for stealing water from a fire hydrant for use on his avocado farm. 

Don't ever cross the Selleck, you learn that your first day of junior high. Turns out Selleck had a no doubt shady yet legally binding right to use multiple tankers of water per day in drought stricken California through a contract with a construction company. 

It is unclear how or why a public fire hydrant was their choice of dispensary, but nonetheless Selleck is in the clear and eating guacamole while water empties of out a hose end and keeps his feet moist as we speak. 

The water board is now retreating and more than likely angrily drafting a public apology to Selleck, who wasn't sweating this all along and may not have even been informed of it. Normally when you fight the law, the law wins. Not this time. This is Tom Selleck we're talking about. One more word and he'll take you down to China Town. 

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