Tom Cruise Deals Drugs for the CIA in ‘American Made’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - June 6, 2017


Tom Cruise is experiencing something of a career renaissance—something he's potentially putting at risk with this weekend's release of The Mummy. Now he's re-teaming with Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman for American Made, a new film based on the allegedly true story of a pilot who ran drugs for the CIA. 

One of the more interesting things about the film is his wife played by Sarah Wright. I did a double take because I thought it was Alice Eve, but nope. At 34, Eve is far too old to be playing Tom Cruise's wife, so they turned to the 33-year old Wright to handle those duties. Hollywood is nothing if not consistent, and they're not about to give Tom Cruise an age appropriate wife, no matter how prestigious the film looks. 

I must admit that this looks like a damn good time at the movies, which is what Cruise has pretty consistently delivered throughout his career. If nothing else, it's a nice palate cleanser before Cruise and Liman re-re-team for the Edge of Tomorrow sequel titled Live, Die, Repeat, and Repeat. And no, I'm not making that up. American Made hits theaters on September 29.