Tom Brady is so Silly! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 12, 2012

Tom Brady is tough. He's a warrior. He has faced down some of the fiercest men in the National Football League in the chase for glory on the gridiron--and won.

However, he had not met his toughest challenge till early last month when a local pharmacy decided to do a promotion involving the famous QB and Unreal Candy. No passes were thrown. No hand offs were made. This time it was all in the eyes.

A stare down.

The competition was comprised of every day folks. When you watch the video you can see that an older lady and a kid definitely had game on the Super Bowl QB in what he dubbed the 'Super Bowl of Stare Downs.' Brady gets a little creepy later on in the video, but if there is one thing that the cops know how to do its handle a football player gone bad.

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