Tom Brady Does Comedy and Other Highlights from the World of Sports

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michael-garcia - May 30, 2012

Jose Canseco says he owes $1.1 million to the IRS, but he's still playing poker. (BustedCoverage)

Eric Decker of the Broncos says it's nice not being engulfed in Tebow-mania. (LarryBrownSports)

Tom Brady shows his acting chops, or lack thereof, in a Funny or Die skit. (SportsGrid)

Iowa QB James Vandenberg hunts bears in his downtime. (BleacherReport)

Russia's KHL will skate a couple of regular season games in Brooklyn's new arena next winter. (Deadspin)

TV newswoman calls the 76ers the "69ers." She had to be getting pranked, I hope. (AwfulAnnouncing)

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