Told You Those Hacks Were Hacks: 30 Life Hacks Debunked (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 15, 2013

I think a lot of the people who come up with so-called 'life hacks' are hacks. Sure, the tips they present sound pretty cool. Not all of them are easy to do, but they're being presented as quick things that you can do to save money and that bit is enough for some people. But not John Green through.

He set out to try thirty of these life hacks and debunked them, for good measure. Some passed (yes, you can actually open a soda bottle with your laptop charger. Don't be surprised if your charger falls apart sooner than expected though) while others failed horribly (discarded toilet paper roll as a speaker? No, it doesn't work.)

The original YouTube video has links to where these hacks were obtained, so check it out if you want to see how they were being presented in the first place. Enjoy!

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