Today In Japanese Perversion: The Penis Swan Selfie Stick

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michael-garcia - October 24, 2016

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The Japanese are a very tech savvy culture, more so even than us in the U.S. Tokyo is like something out of Blade Runner with its technological hoobajoobs everywhere. It's like a very clean cyberpunk future world. One thing that is ubiquitous is the selfie stick. This telescoping pole with a camera phone attached is a must have in both their and our selfie obsessed culture. The only problem with the selfie stick, (well, not the ONLY problem), is that it occupies your hands when you use it. What would be nice is a hands free selfie stick. But because the Japanese came up with this gadget it is both perverse and goofy. Basically it is a huge swan neck and head that protrudes from a codpiece like a giant avian phallus. You simply put the phone in the swan's mouth and you can take as many selfies as you want and look like a total pervert weirdo while doing it.

This commercial from Japanese channel Animex made this commercial and it's hard to tell if they are for real or if it is a joke. With the Japanese it is so hard to tell. 

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