Today In Japanese Perversion: Lickable Mushroom Pops

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michael-garcia - April 18, 2016

I like Japanese food quite a a point. I love sushi, katsu, udon, ramen, stuff like that. But some of their candies and treats are just friggin's weird. Some of them are just bizarre flavors that have no business as candy, like shrimp for example. But then there is stuff that you know means something different than it would appear at first to be. Take, for example, Nameru Dake which means "The mushroom that you lick". It is a line of lollipops by Japanese purveyors of weirdness Village Vanguard. The mushrooms don't taste like mushrooms, in fact they taste like normal fruit flavored pops. But they are clearly dongs. That is obvious even before you watch the above video of a girl demonstrating the different types of licks you can use to lick the phallic candies. 

It just goes to show that the Japanese can sexualize anything. Pillows, a chair, and a lollipop. These are the people who gave us octopus pornography...centuries ago. I'm going to take a scalding shower. 

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