Title Revealed For Netflix Voltron Reboot

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bill-swift - February 12, 2016

Voltron is coming back to defend the universe on Netflix thanks to Dreamworks entertainment and we now know what it's going to be called. The show will be entitled Voltron: Legendary Defender and will premiere later this year. The plot is unknown but it will involve five robotic lions that become a giant sword-wielding battle droid. It's not like those weird Voltrons with the cars or the spaceships. It's the real deal. We also don't know if it will have Keith and the gang or whether it will be a new group of space adventurers that will drive the lions. The original series ran from 1984-1985 and became an instant classic. I know I was friggin' obsessed with it when I was a lad. I still have the metal Voltron my grandfather got my for Christmas in my office. It's badass.

We'll see if the Netflix series is any good. So far Netflix has done a good job with its original programming so there is hope. I hope. 

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