Tinké Keeps Track of Your Health and Shares It to Your Network

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bill-swift - December 10, 2012

Tinké is all about your health and it's all about sharing it with others, too. It's a neat little gizmo that you're supposed to attach to the port on your iPhone so you can start having it track your vital stats and more.

Among other things, the Tinké takes note of your heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability. It also proves to be a useful tool for fitness buffs with its cardio-respiratory monitoring feature. Users can use it to assess their fitness score by checking their Vita Index, or gauge their stress levels by monitoring their Zen Index.

And because the world we live in nowadays is one that revels in too much information, Tinké also offers to post your stats and results on the Tinké network or on other social media sites where you want your data appear. Now that's dedicated integration.

Buy It Now: $119

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