Tinashe Sexy White Bikini In Miami Beach

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bill-swift - June 20, 2017

Kid actress and singer turned all grow'd up 20-something hottie Tinashe took a break from whatever it is she does in between mall tours and the like to show off her show off body in a bikini on Miami Beach. You ain't kidding about Tinashe being all grow'd up with a sextastic female form barely but sadly contained in her two piece.

There are the hot celebrities we cover frequently, then the ones we only see every now and then who remind us that the wide world of even Kentucky born boobtastic hotties is so vast, it would take 25 hours a day merely to ogle the half of them. I remain committed to that effort, and to making it workable for you as well. There's no reason short of me going further into debt why you shouldn't feast your peeps upon the ridiculously hot body of this African-Norwegian work of lady art. Yum comes to mind. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News