Tinashe Cleavage in West Hollywood

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aldo-vallon - August 17, 2017

I do not know if it is the lighting or Tinashe's cleavage, but she is absolutely glowing in these pics. I think I finally understand what those new age chicks mean when they talk about having an aura. Funny store, a girl once told me I had a great aura but I thought she said oral. Needless to say, the misunderstanding lead to a very uncomfortable proposition on my part. I rate it a seven out of ten, would reluctantly propose again.

What type of material is that dress made out of? I usually only see it on dominatrixes and Marilyn Manson, with a slight influx in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Whatever it is, I do not imagine it allows for much breathing of the skin. And I doubt it soaks up any sweat either. Not that I like to think of her in this state, but it must be sweatier than a Marine in Vietnam under that dress. Word of advice, a light coating of baby powder will do wonders to keep you drier than a corn silo. I haven't a clue if silos are actually dry, but if they aren't then just replace it with something more fitting. 


Photo Credit: Splash News

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