Tim Tebow Wants Hot Women To Wait For It

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elliot-wolf - July 18, 2018

Does anyone know if Tim Tebow has been deflowered yet? Because he sure gets around for a virgin waiting until marriage. He’s dating 2017’s Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Maybe mouth and butt stuff doesn’t count. Three Hail Marys after confessions might be enough to save a straying away from the path of righteousness Tebow from being known as the town sodomite. Or maybe those Hail Marys for him may end up as more incomplete passes to Jesus because not even prayer could save his career. I’d opt to bathe in the eternal Lake of Fire before considering playing for the other baseball team in New York that hasn’t won a World Series since the 80s. Either way this Christian mingle couple will probably take church chaperones on their dates to avoid getting too touchy feely after a few glasses of the blood of Christ starts to kick in.

Tim Tebow is off the market. Speaking recently with ESPN, the Mets prospect confirmed he is currently dating 2017’s Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

“She is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life,” Tebow, 30, said. “I am usually very private with these things but I am very thankful.”

This isn’t the first time Tebow has been taken with a beauty queen, as he was previously linked to fellow Miss Universe winner, Olivia Culpo, in 2015.

“I’m looking, but I just can’t seem to find anyone,” Tebow said of his relationship woes to People last spring. “I don’t want to be single; I’m ready to settle down and start a family. I want to have kids. I have so many things I want. No one will be happier than me when I finally find the right person.”

For a man who openly admits to wearing a chastity belt, Tim sure does get a lot a decent tail tossed his way. It’s a shame he can’t do anything with it. Probably the idea of thinking about being inside his lady’s pocket reminds him of being inside the passing pocket and he just chokes every time. For someone fed up with being single he isn’t really applying himself. Attractive women having patience isn’t the norm. And I can guarantee if Miss Universe makes it to the third date without being on third base with her own baseball prospect of a boyfriend, he’s outta there.

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