Tim Tebow Asked – and He Kind of Answered

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bill-swift - October 10, 2012

After watching last night's Monday Night Football game between the Houston Texans and New York Jets there are bound to be a few fans that are wondering if the Houston Texans are for real after all. Barely beating the New York Jets? The team that personifies dysfunction and dares to call it function?

As the MNF Countdown crew would say-- come on man!

The Jets really didn't play a bad game. The defense held Matt Schaub to just over 200 yards passing and a 50 percent completion rate for the night. Five times the Jets forced the powerful Texans offense into three and outs, they turned an interception into a touchdown, and twice held the Texans to field goals after Houston had gotten into the red zone.

Mark Sanchez had another low completion percentage, but that wasn't all his fault. The third rate receivers the Jets have couldn't catch a cold if they went sun bathing in Alaska during December. However, the man was on when it came to throwing the ball deep.

Tim Tebow even got into the mix a little more. He kept the offense moving after picking up a first on a fake punt attempt. He was pretty exciting after his 13-yard plunge late in the game to help get the Jets into the red zone too.

Rex Ryan will say its because the team is better than they have been playing. That they just need to continue working hard and doing their best. Things will work out; it just takes time. However, it could also be that the Jets had a little extra help in this one.

Nick Mangold looked like he was done for the night after going down with an injury, but actually returned to the game? How do you explain that (besides the fact that he's a tough son of a gun that can play through anything)?

Prior to the game Tim Tebow tweeted the following:

Apparently the Jets were behind the 8-ball before the game even started playing in a contest that is 'marked' by the man downstairs, but lucky for them they had someone with a direct line to the man upstairs on their side.

However, in the end it wasn't enough as the Jets still lost 23-17 in a game that no one thought was going to be competitive. So while it does suck to lose, maybe the solid performance will give the team the confidence it needs to build on and get better. It inspired a former wide receiver that is dying to get back in the league-- Terrell Owens-- to reach out to the team via Twitter:

Hey JETS!!! I'm available! I'm ready, willing & able! Call my agent @jordanwoy & let's make it happen.

Could Terrell Owens actually be the answer? The Man does work in mysterious ways...

Maybe they should also take a page out of Houston running back Arian Foster's playbook. Foster's signature after he scores has been a bow, something he says he does to show his respect for the game:

"It's a Namaste. It means respect. It just means, 'I see the God in you.' It's me paying my respect to the game of football."

Respect. What do you say Jets? Is it worth a try?