Tile Tracker: Track Your Stuff and Even Find Lost Ones

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bill-swift - July 11, 2013

Hot on the heels of the Bluetooth Stickers we told you about earlier is the Tile Tracker. The latter picks up where the former left off, and while it's got a bunch of similarities (it's used primarily to help people track or find stuff that they've misplaced), the major difference lies with the fact that Tile has added a social element to it.

First things first, what is it? The Tile is matchbook-sized tracker that you can attach or stick onto the desired object, like say, your phone or laptop. It communicates to the Tile App that's compatible with iOS devices (boo for Android users!), which helps you keep track of where your stuff is in real-time. Each account can store up to ten records of objects that you're monitoring with Tile.

When you need help finding something, you can trigger the alert and the Tile will sound an alarm so you can locate it. You can share access to Tile with people you trust, too. This feature is useful if you spend a lot of time at their place, since they can alert you if you've left something in their homes as well.

Check It Out: $18.95

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