Tila Tequila was “pelted with stones and feces…”

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editor - August 16, 2010

Inviting Tila Tequila to perform at a concert festival headlined by Insane Clown Posse sounds like the kind of thing you would make up as an example to illustrate something that went really badly. "How did your blind date go?" "About as well as Tila Tequila at an Insane Clown Posse concert."

Needless to say the crowd hated her (second video after the jump) and threw rocks, bottles, fire crackers and shit at her. And by "shit", I don't mean "stuff". The State Journal Register says...

Tila Tequila complained that audience members pelted her with stones and feces during an outdoor music festival in southern Illinois.

And CNN adds...

Tila Tequila suffered facial cuts when she was pelted with rocks and bottles while performing at a music festival in Illinois early Saturday.
"She's pretty cut up," said a performer who saw the violence.
(They) said a mob of hundreds chased Tequila from the stage and surrounded the trailer where she sought refuge. They rocked the trailer and smashed its windows.
Tequila eventually escaped, but only after windows in her SUV were smashed.

This sounds like fans overacted and were out of control, but only to people who have never heard a Tila Tequila song.