Tila Tequila Teaming Up With Christ To Take Down Internet Jezebels

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elliot-wolf - February 27, 2018

Every time Tila Tequila talks or types it makes me sad to know someone so stupid progressed beyond the stages of a fetus. She embodies mail order girlfriend gone wrong and should be deported back to Singapore as soon as possible to save everyone within earshot from the unavoidable headache received every time she speaks. In a conversation directly taken from her pitiful sex performance available on Pornhub with one hole full of peen and the other filled with her own finger, “are you daddy’s dirty little slut?” “Yes.” “Yes what!” “Yes daddy.” The same woman known for the aforementioned Shakespearean level dialogue has called out “jezebel whores” in a Facebook rant for actually succeeding at a life she attempted and failed miserably at.

Tila's statements:

God revealed another dream of revelation to me last night while I was asleep! I was with a friend who was in a relationship, and he was still following jezebel whores like @kimkardashian on social media. I told him that he should not be following ANYONE who is posting provocative photos because it is causing his eyes to sin! Then I reminded him that God said, "And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. - Mathew 5:30. This pertains to a LOT of people on social media today as well! If you are in a relationship you should CEASE from following ANYONE who posts provocative photos that would cause you to secretly or even openly lust after them! 

Clearly another case of a woman feeling she has the right to tell men what they should and shouldn’t do, knowing if the roles were reversed with the shoe on the other foot a guy would be told to shut up. So maybe she should shut up too. Please don’t throw stones if you’re a few clicks away from being plowed on every porn site for roughly three cents per view behind a glass computer or smartphone screen. Maybe in your mind Jesus is all-powerful and can do a lot for you but he can’t erase every copy of Vivid’s Tila Tequila Backdoored And Squirting. Maybe she can pray for wisdom like Solomon since she isn't the smartest harlot from Houston.

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