Tila Tequila Lapdancing Kate Major Reminds Us To Be Thankful: A Thanksgiving List from Egotastic!

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bill-swift - November 26, 2010

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We're thankful that we live in a world where it's pretty normal for Tila Tequila, a addle-brained bisexual drunken reality star to grind Michael Lohan's girlfriend at a birthday party for a bunch of porn stars who knocked boots with Tiger Woods.

We're thankful that bikinis have not only never gone out of style, they've gotten smaller and smaller.

We're thankful that while big boobs are quite amazing, a number of sexy celebrities are choosing to remain au natural these days, providing a delightful array of shapes and sizes for our favorite body appendages.

We're thankful for discovering a diverse world of sexy celebrities clearly showing that hot women are a universal language and most likely the key to planetary peace.

We're thankful that Katy Cocktease has yet to reveal the goods; as much as we complain, it's going to awesome when it finally happens (and it will).

We're thankful that even though elite hotties like Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba get pregnant, they still get naked on camera.

We're thankful for short skirts, hard nipples, wardrobe malfunctions, and camera phones.

We're thankful for Billionare Barbie, the Kardashian she-bots, and all the super-self-pimping rich girl hotties.

We're thankful for Auto-Tune, which has allowed an entire generation of super sexy singers with almost no musical talent to flash their sweet boobs and barely-clad cooches on stage and in incomprehensible music videos.

And while we're thankful for all sources and forms of hotness, we're mostly thankful that we have an amazingly loyal, worldwide audience of Egotastic! readers to share our passion for sexy celebrities. Cue the tears!

Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at Egotastic!