Thundercats, Motherf*(#er!

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bill-swift - July 30, 2015

When I was a kid I would get home from school and watch one of my favorite TV shows: Thundercats. This anime series about anthropomorphic cats that fight against a living mummy dude was badass, full stop. I had all the toys and would fill my days fighting an invisible Mumm-ra with my plastic Sword of Omens. It's sad that this show is no longer in syndication so that a new generation of kids can enjoy this show. Let's face it, today's cartoons suck donkey wiener. What can we expect from the next generation if they are growing up on such tripe? I weep for the future.

This video is pretty cool. It shows a 1985 sound recording session for the last episode "Book of Omens". The great Earl Hyman bellows Panthro's lines as Earl Hammond's Mumm-Ra cackles back...and curses. It's amazing. 

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