Three Minutes With One of the Most Craptacular Games in the Universe

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chris-littlechild - January 13, 2015

Now, I don't know why speedruns are a thing. It's another way to swing your big ol' gaming e-peen around, and perhaps get yourself a world record too; that's probably enough for the nerdly faithful.

Said nerdly faithful have surely had their super-thick spectacles glued to Awesome Games Done Quick. Over the last week, this event has tackled speedruns of all sorts of games, from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to Pokémon Red. Around 200 of them in all. This is done twice a year, all streamed online, by volunteers supporting the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Which is great. People gathering to get their game on in aid of charities is the kind of noble cause that can only do the medium good. Even so, it's hard to believe that anything positive can ever be gleaned from some poor bastard suffering through Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

This broken, glitchy ballache appeared in AGDQ's ‘Awful' section. It took three minutes to play through. This consists of one half-assed race and the selection of a second track (no need to actually race it, you understand, just choosing it). Whereupon a shitty YOU'RE WINNER message will appear.

Watch the whole Big Rigs disaster unfold below, and hit Kotaku for more on this.

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