Three Billboards in Los Angeles, California

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elliot-wolf - March 5, 2018

You’ve officially made it when Vice News decides you’re edgy enough for an almost four-minute mini documentary. The same conservative street artist wearing shirts with the slogan “Mohammad is a homo” is back to slam the Oscars this time using inspiration from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Sabo is a man that isn’t afraid to fully flex his first amendment right. In his outdoor art installation he takes down what I interpret as the women who kept silent with the first billboard reading “we all knew and still no arrests.” I can smell the victim blaming critique coming for those choice of words a mile away. The next billboard read “and the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to...”, which I’m sure the world will know the answer to as soon as someone pays Cory Feldman’s asking price for the answer. The final billboard read “name names on stage or shut the hell up.” Tsk, tsk, tsk. Looks like someone is making sense with a suggestion but also mansplaining in the same sentence so these “victims” won’t take him seriously.

I believe Banksy lite has everyone’s best interest at heart but elite women really don’t care about the opinions of someone they’d consider a peon parading around as an enlightened artist. These MeToo women know they’re full of it. Jennifer Lawrence has the money to afford more than a few Claude Monet’s. His art is a lot less judgmental and subtitle free. The man makes great points but everyone will forget this ever happened in a few months.

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