‘Thor 2’ & ‘Kick Ass 2’ Announce Their Villains! Here Are The Best Sequel Nemeses Ever

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bill-swift - July 26, 2012

Kick-Ass 2 and Thor 2 have released information regarding the villains that will come up against their heros when they are finally released.  Mother Russia, a huge and imposing bodyguard to Christopher Mintz-Plasse's Red Mist in the comic books, the Moviehole website has released the callout list for the role.

"Classic villain, an ex-KGB officer who is now paid by the week by Chris to fight in his group - she is easily the most skilled and just a ruthless killer in general. Described as a 'roided-out female bodybuilder, she needs to be extremely physically imposing and muscular, though still come across as feminine. As tall as possible (6ft and over only). Indicate height on submission." Any takers?

Meanwhile, James Grogan, a Hollywood stuntman who has worked on Marvel's upcoming Thor sequel has accidentally revealed the role that he covered during his stint on the production. Grogan explained that "I had a load of stunt guys in and the director Alan Taylor came in and he said 'Look, we want you all to be elves,' and I was like 'What the hell is an elf anyway?'"

Well, since the title of the movie is Thor: The Dark World it's safe to assume that Grogan is talking about the Dark Elves, lead by Malekith the Accursed, a major thorn in Thor's side.

But who have been the greatest ever sequel villains to grace the screen?

The Joker, The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight has already gone down in infamy and garnered him a posthumous Academy Award. Ledger was able to carefully walk the line between scary and enticing and outperformed Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart in their roles to the point that you long to see him return to the screen when he's gone.

T-1000, Terminator 2 - The T1000 is a nanomorph mimetic poly-alloy assassin that is able to turn his hand into a dagger to murder anyone who attempts to stop him on his quest to find John Connor. With Arnie's Terminator being so deadly in the first it was always going to be a big ask to outdo him in the sequel but Robert Patrick managed to do it and scared the bejesus out of everyone who watched.

Fredo, The Godfather II - Francis Ford Coppola's epic gangster saga saw us get to grips with the Corleone family and we learn about every little detail in their lives. Michael is the brains, Sonny is the passion and Connie is the heart, but Fredo is the villain. In the sequel he rats out his family in order to make a little bit more money for himself. The scoundrel.