This Week in ‘Avatar’ News: James Cameron Announces ‘Avatar’ Sequels Starting in 2016

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bill-swift - August 3, 2013

You guys remember Avatar, right? The most popular movie in the history of cinema? Yeah. That one. Like me, you probably gave up on a sequel long ago. Sure there were rumors, but James Cameron was far too busy sticking his head in the deepest cracks in the planet (deep sea trenches, not Linda Hamilton. Boom. I went there. I'll be here all week.) to care about what was happening on Pandora.

But now Cameron is actually starting to put the Avatar sequel pieces in place. Wednesday he announced isn't going to write them all by himself and that he'd recruited Josh Friedman, the creator of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to help him craft longer and more fulfilling alien sex scenes. Just yesterday, he announced  that Avatar 2, 3 and 4 will come out annually starting in 2016. He added further nerdgasming excitement by adding two more teams of writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and Shane Salerno (Savages).

What's behind this flurry of news and activity? Cameron put it not-so-bluntly:

The correct conclusion is I do the movies to pay for the expeditions, so every once in a while, I have to come back to make a movie. It's pretty much that simple.

He forgot to add, 'F*ck you, you're gonna see them all anyways.' Well, at least he's honest?

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