This Supercut Takes an Ax to the Fourth Wall Like Jack Nicholson on the Set of ‘The Shining’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 8, 2013

Supercuts are all the rage these days as anyone with basic editing skills can shame the people who work at the Oscars with far superior montages cut together (my current favorite happens to be this 007 one that still blows my mind). But the folks over at Press Play at Indiewire have gone with a pretty obvious idea I'm surprised no one's ever thought of it before: Breaking of the Fourth Wall.

For those of you who didn't throw away $100k on a film studies major, breaking the 4th wall basically means an actor acknowledges the camera the audience, figuratively 'breaking through' the apparatus to speak directly to you, knowing full well they're part of a story. Sometimes it can be extremely grating and make you groan, but at this supercut points out, sometimes it can be quite endearing.

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