This Replica ‘Gears of War’ Lancer Is A Little Too Good

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chris-littlechild - October 7, 2016

  Now, sure, the latest, ballbusting-est AAA games need to have big releases. I get that. I’m down with that. These are multimillion dollar products, right here, and they’ve had around about a year’s worth of hypetastic pumped into them. They’re big goddamn deals with a capital B, G and D.  

I’m fine with all of that good stuff. My issue is, why do special editions have to suck so much? The contents rarely match up to the premium pricetag, with throwaway stuff like a half-an-artbook and such. I see your steelbook, gentlemen, and I’m really not all that assed.

Granted, there’s sometimes a pretty fancy figure or statue in there. I do like myself a bit of that action. But this? This, right here, is a thing of beauty. Put this Lancer in a collector’s edition of the new Gears of War, and I’d be all over it:


What IGN are showing you right here is a 1:1 scale, 10 pound replica of that iconic Gears weapon. It’s probably the closest real-life likeness of a video game gun I’ve ever seen; this is some impressive work. Lights and levers-amundo, and everything works. Although, y’know, the chainsaw doesn’t, and that big ol’ orange this-isn’t-a-real-gun-so-please-don’t-shoot-me-in-the-face dealie on the barrel breaks the illusion a little.

Still, many a Gears fan could probably be tempted by this, especially considering the surprisingly reasonable $125 price.

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