This Must Be Booty Heaven: Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pictures Seal the Backside Deal

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bill-swift - May 18, 2012

Oh, okay, for just one moment we're going to objectify the amazingly hard bodied BBW turned MILF fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee and stare, that's right, stare, right at her seemingly flawless bikini asstastic. This is a mom of a couple kids in her later 30's and if that junk side ain't selling her fitness tips for the ladies, I'm not sure what will.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is back in Hollywood, doing what she does, which is basically working out and hanging out in tiny bikini in places where the paparazzi can digitally capture all the benefits of her hard work out, as happened at her Hollywood hotel where they scrambled about in her two piece providing a multitude of hot viewing angles.

This is one of the best bodies in all of Hottieville. We bow down (for upskirt peeks). Enjoy.