This ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Snarky Fan Movie Deserves 4:49 of Your Time

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chris-littlechild - January 17, 2015

Metal Gear knows what it likes. Two things, mainly: guntastic melodrama and good ol' fashioned crazitude.

One minute, you're emroiled in an intense twenty minute discussion about nuclear conspiracies and government cover-ups. The next, you're hiding in a locker like a big bearded girl. If there's a poster of a sexy lady in her undercrackers in there, there's even a ‘playing with your snake a little while Otacon looks on' easter egg to check out.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: In Metal Gear Solid 3, I stabbed an alligator in the ass until it died, and then ate it. This sort of thing needs a special kind of crazy.

In short, I've always loved the series for that blend of po-faced seriousness and weirdery. For its melodramatic codex conversations about eff all and its dicking-about-in-cardboard-boxes moments. So have Fury Fingers, it seems.

Here they are, busting another parody-based move for our enjoyment. In this latest short, Snake infiltrates a... cardboard box factory. Or something. There's a whole lot of Metal Gear and a dash of Predator, with a side of piss-takery. What's not to like?

Via Kotaku.

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