This Justice League Teaser Actually Looks Pretty Good

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michael-garcia - July 26, 2016


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DC showed a special teaser with some footage of the upcoming Justice League movie and, surprisingly, it doesn't look terrible. We see Batfleck assembling the Justice League along with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. He recruits speedster Barry Allen (The Flash) and Cyborg. But the best part is when he goes to see Jason Momoa's Aquaman. That crappy fishtalker has never looked more badass than he does here played by Khal friggin' Drogo himself. No sign of Superman, because I guess technically he's "dead" after that craptacular Batman V. Superman movie. But he'll probably show up at the end or in the next sequel. We see some action as it's not all Batman stalking people. But it's mostly Batman stalking people. 

Who knows, maybe this will be a good DC movie? I'm still hopeful for Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman but this one might pull it out of the bag. All I know is that it can't get much worse...can it? 

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