This is Why I Keep a Box of Depends Handy. It’s the 10 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

It seems like horror movies are a dime a dozen these days. Studios find some 20-year-old property that has some name recognition, slap some film school grad student on to direct a remake and have a bunch of spooky people appearing in bathroom mirrors queued to a musical note and package it. And I go to see them. Why? Because the art of making horror film trailers as surpassed the art of making horror films, which is why every crappy, stupid, cliched horror flick looks like it's the scariest movie of all time.

But they're not. It's usually just an excuse to see some hot actress in her underwear making her last appearance in a film before she's spat out the other end of the Hollywood poop shoot into the porn industry. Every now and then there's a terrifying moment, typically involving an Asian child being filmed backwards in a dark hospital corridor, but that's usually about it. 

But watch the video above. Or the other nine below. That's what a true horror movie moment is. There used to be some class and grace to how these things were done. They're not always from the best of movies (coughEventHorizoncough), but it at least hits at the dark corridors of our mind, where our nightmares are locked away until a a skeleton key of misery comes and-Eh, screw it, just watch them and try not to shit your pants.

The Exorcist Spiderwalk Scene

Poltergeist Clown Scene

Event Horizon Tape Log

The Ring TV Scene

The Grudge Bedroom Scene

Hellraiser Opening the Puzzle Box Scene

A Nightmare on Elm Street Tina's Death Scene

Scream Drew Barrymore's Death Scene

Jaws Chrissie's Last Swim Scene

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