This is Not a Sex Toy: Tongue to Teeth Tongue-Mounted Toothbrush

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bill-swift - March 29, 2013

Nobody digs bad breath. Not even the ugliest broad will spread her legs wide for you if you walk into the room with a huge chunk of meat stuck between your two front teeth. The mental image that line brings up is disgusting enough. How much more if that happened in real life?

When it comes to dating (or getting laid, to be more precise), dental hygiene is top priority. If you want to get some, you've got to brush your freakin' teeth. Unfortunately, times where you might not have a toothbrush with you are unavoidable.

For that, there's the T2T, which is otherwise known as the Tongue-to-Teeth tongue-mounted toothbrush.

Basically, it's a disposable one-time-use only toothbrush of sorts that you're supposed to wear on your tongue. It's got toothpaste built into it, which we presume is released once you begin running your tongue over your teeth to 'brush' it. It's got bristles on the outer half and holes all around so your tongue won't feel suffocated.

It's a completely hands-free toothbrush, so it's perfect to use when you're in the car or when you're on the go and can't really stop to brush your teeth.

Check It Out: T2T

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