This Haunted Doll Is Effing Creepy

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michael-garcia - April 28, 2016

Ebay is full of dolls and objects that the poster claims are haunted. Of course, it's 99.9% bullshit. But this doll...I don't know. It is called Ann and was purchased from Ebay by a New York based website called The Lineup. They like to dabble in the creepy as hell. They bought the doll for $100 but the evil spirit comes for free. The doll is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a 13 year old girl who died of TB in the early 1900's. Ann has a round the clock live feed looking at her. According to the insane people who work at the sight and work with a haunted doll in their office, some weird crap keeps happening. It is currently being evaluated by paranormal investigators. So, the Ghostbusters. 

But there is good news. You can own Ann and have her scare the hell out of you when it moves around by itself at night. Simply write an essay stating why Ann should come live with you to and she could be all yours! Good're going to need it. 

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