This Ghostbusters Honest Trailer Is Rough

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michael-garcia - October 19, 2016

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When I heard they were remaking Ghostbusters I thought, "Whyyyyy God, why?!!" Then I heard it was an all female cast and while I didn't care about that, it pissed a lot of people off on the interwebs. I thought that was wrong. I was just pissed because the very fact that it existed was unnecessary. Why remake something that's perfect? Then I went to see it and it was God awful. The whole thing was a trainwreck. It wasn't funny, the directing was terrible, the acting was stiff, even the editing was terrible. I don't understand. Taking aside the fact that it shouldn't have happened in the first place, the women in the movie are funny comic actresses and Paul Feig is a competent director. 

All of that and more is discussed in this Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies. The two things they missed were a) That they can "kill" the ghosts with the proton packs and B) that any self respecting New Yorker would eat Papa John's Pizza. 

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