This ‘Don Jon’ Teaser Trailer Was the Only Thing Good About the VMAs Last Night

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bill-swift - August 27, 2013

Apparently lots of fabulous things happened on the MTV Video Music Awards last night, from Justin Timberlake reuniting with 'N Sync, to Miley Cyrusgetting up on stage and being terrible, to Taylor Swift leaning over and saying something to someone. Of course, if you're a dude like me, chances are none of that nonsense made you type 'OMG' into your phone because you don't really care, and because you weren't watching it to begin with.

However, it turns out that there was one thing that aired during the MTV Music Video Awards that guys could relate to, and that was a teaser trailer for the upcoming film Don Jon.

You see, Don Jon is a movie about a guy who—wait for it...wait for it—loves porn.

Crazy, right?

Anyway, it was written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and co-stars the marvelous Scarlett Johansson, as well as Julianne Moore and Tony Danza.

Yes, you read that right. Tony. Danza.

Anyway, above you will find the teaser trailer that aired during the VMAs last night. And right down here you will find the full trailer. Have a look at both and just try telling me you aren't kind of pumped to see this movie.