Things Get Stranger in New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - July 24, 2017


Everyone loved the first season of Netflix's Stranger Things, so the excitement over the new season is palpable. Just a few days after scoring 18 Emmy Nominations, we've got a brand new trailer for the second season set to the pulsating beat of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

While we all knew it wouldn't be easy for Will to readjust to life in Hawkins, Indiana following his trip to the Upside Down in Season 1, it looks like the poor kid is doomed to be forever haunted by the things he's seen. It also looks like Eleven will make her way out of the Upside Down and rejoin her Ghostbustin' ass friends. Winona Ryder doesn't seem to be in a constant state of hysterics this season, which will be a nice change of pace, and Sheriff Hopper is on the case once more. It also looks like Nancy is once again getting dicked around by Jean-Ralphio Jr. In other words, everyone's changed, yet everyone's still the same.

Netflix is truly capitalizing on the Halloween theme by releasing the entire second season on October 27, meaning that we'll get to spend the entire weekend binging on this before going trick-or-treating on the 31st. Steel yourselves and give the first season another watch before season two debuts in just over three months!