They Should’ve Taught This At School: Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing

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bill-swift - November 23, 2013

Chemistry is one of those subjects that's difficult to get a hang of, especially if you're lazy and not very bright. I'm sure you would've paid more attention at school if the periodic table of elements were replaced with this interactive periodic table of swearing by Modern Toss. The symbols don't match with those on the actual periodic table, but the elements in this one are way more interesting, not to mention infinitely more profane, than the original ones.

For example, hit 'Ph' and you'll get 'prat in a hat.' That's pretty mild, so you might want to go for 'Cg' next, which stands for 'C'ck garage.' What that's supposed to be, I honestly do not know.

Check it out here. You can also download it for your Android device here.

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